Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dinner with a Congressman

Ok so dinner with the Congressperson. It was in Washington not alas yKos. Next year in Jerusalem…er, or something.

I could cook or we could go out to eat. HAHAHAHA! So the restaurant it is.

Congressperson and spouse, my spouse, and a couple other lovely people. Walking to the restaurant we caught a glimpse of the -very- long Pride parade. Good floats.

Gave them Glenn’s book with a description of why he wrote it; how quickly it was published; how it zoomed to the top of amazon; and why it is important for public policy. Further conversation about the netroots in general, yKos this weekend which they had sort of heard of, and the political energy and ideas which the roots can generate.

More about the direction of the government toward concentration of power in the executive etc etc. The initial pages of Glenn’s book sparked their interest, they had heard of the people giving these rave reviews for the book.

I cannot tell you names or even the party. I can say it is one of the good people.

It is difficult for people in the House, they have so little power and there are so many expectations for them. Plus it’s ridiculously expensive, an economic hardship, they need to own a house here $$$$$ plus one in the home district. All in all we feel a little sorry for Congresspeople. Senators, different story.

This one has an old-fashioned integrity, a sense of honor and responsibility to the nation. Ambition, greed, not so much. Just a desire to serve. How refreshing.

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