Saturday, June 10, 2006

Washington glamor vs. Gitmo suicides

I feel humble talking about what I was wearing and what I discussed with a powerful person while 3 people killed themselves because of false imprisonment. The despair/death thing is all too easy to understand, I stroll by this territory often. Sometime I would like to write more about mental illness here on my own extremely small blog.

What is difficult is to hold two things high in my mind simultaneously: (1) yay trying to persuade a Congressperson re netroots/Glenn and (2) the idea that we are, against the Constitution, imprisoning people without charges, without lawyers, without habeus corpus, without due process, without hope, without end. Death seems reasonable under such circumstances.

WHAT KIND OF A COUNTRY HAVE WE BECOME that we seize, torture, imprison, deny any hope of judicial review?

And they wonder why I drink.

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Suzanne said...

Welcome to blogtopia, as Skippy would say. Jump in, the water is not bad at all.