Thursday, June 15, 2006

What kind of a country is this?

From Peterr at firedoglake:

A country that detains its enemies, allowing no access to a legal system to help sort friend from foe?
A country that repudiates the Geneva Convention’s prohibition on torture?
A country that disregards its own constitutional prohibitions on searches and eavesdropping without properly obtained warrants granted by a court of law?
A country that smears the honorable military service records of any who dare express dissent?
A country whose leaders out a clandestine operative because her husband criticized the President’s state of the union address?
A country that engages in secret rendition of terror suspects, to keep our hands clean?
A country that turns its eyes from the preventable deaths of millions in Africa from AIDS, by refusing to fund condoms?

-----------(egregious speaking) We are witnesses to the destruction of our nation. World, take note.

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