Saturday, July 01, 2006

Geneva Conventions. Yes, they were serious.

BobbyG at firedoglake: "The Supreme Court decision that ruled against the Bush administration’s plan to try suspects being held at Guantanamo Bay prison has “hampered our ability” [WAAAA BOO HOO POOR LITTLE UNITED STATES] to deal with terrorists, the U.S. attorney general said Saturday. Under the 5-3 court ruling, the Bush administration must adopt a military system for trying suspected terrorists consistent with international standards - or release the suspects from military custody." bold by egr. ok also the waaaaa by egr.

Hey maybe we can find a ‘civilization’ somewhere in outer space that agrees we can torture aggressively question suspects just short of organ failure and death!

That’s in keeping with the Geneva Conventions, yes? Oops, we have decided to let the DECIDER personally decide to abrogate one of the most important treaties in modern history. No biggie.

I’m happy to support our space program, if it will help us locate another species of sentient beings that will agree with this ridiculous notion of human relations!

Yo Congress–DO YOUR FRIGGIN JOB and protect human rights and human dignity! Are we the next Germany? Will we spend the next 70 years in disgrace?

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