Sunday, July 09, 2006

Making wounded veterans pay for food. Damn.

We don’t give them body armor, we don’t have sufficient forces/logistics in the field to protect them in a firefight, we are now refusing to MEDIVAC troops out, and when they are lucky enough to get home, if they are lucky enough to survive long enough to make it home, we are CHARGING THEM MONEY FOR FOOD.

And they wonder why I call myself egregious.

Democrats, looking for a campaign issue???


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Donna Marie said...

I just attended Charlie Brown's grand opening of his headquarters and I spoke to his Communications director about this issue. Both Charlie (a retired Lt. Colonel from the Air Force) and his Comm. Director are heavily involved in Veteran's issues. The Comm. Dir. was somewhat hesitant to except this as a given, saying that he had heard some things but nothing definitive. I, like you, see this as a huge issue--yes there are many egregious(love the moniker) issues with the current administration regarding Vets treatments--but, to me, this is a stinging arrow. What I am looking for is more documentation so that I can feed my candidates campaign. I'm going to go back through the fdl posting that address this to find any good links--but meanwhile, if you see anything please pass it on to Btw: thank you for your generous donation to Charlie. We need folks like you to defeat Doolittle (the 6th most powerful Congressperson and one of the vilest of vile). Bessings.