Sunday, September 24, 2006

Don't give up. FIGHT for the children.

A commenter at firedoglake has a dark view.

I disagree: No, No, and No.

egregious @ 83
Guitar Playing Bastard @ 54
*****NONE***** of the opposition are decent people. Not one fucking soul. They are ALL EVIL. Y'all better get that through your thick skulls.

Sigh...we're going to lose again. Shit.

Suicide is looking like a better option.

No, No, and No.

No #1. There ARE decent people in the opposition, and we are winning them over to our side more and more.

No #2. We are NOT going to lose again. There is unprecedented energy in House and Senate races. Keep up the momentum, not a done deal yet.

No #3. You owe it to your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and neighbor children, to fight as hard as you can. YOU understand what is happening; they do not. They will be the bewildered survivors of the ruins of this nation. Re staying alive, duty is an over-riding goal. We live not for ourselves alone. Despite your pain, which I honor, you OWE it to them to keep fighting until you drop. Good God, man, hae ye no Scottish, Irish, or Welsh blood in ye?


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