Friday, October 20, 2006

Egregious JOY--a rare event

We pause to acknowledge a moment of sheer, unadulterated egregious joy. My college kid is unexpectedly home for the weekend, is happy, interested and engaged in life. I thot I might not see said child until Thanksgiving. So it is Thanks-giving here in chez egregious! Joy to the world! Or at least joy for egr. Thanks to all for love and hugs in dark hours. The flip side of that is usu heightened fear but is occasionally soaring happiness, usually I experience mania as anxiety but every once in a while it actually produces euphoria. How to bottle this…preserve it…journal and remember it…And several things happened today that I simply must ascribe to the power of prayer. “Coincidences”/ providential occurrences. Thank you to all who have sent prayers and positive spiritual energy my way. You are saving lives in Russia, go ahead and take credit! It takes a net-village to raise up a spiritually crushed nation=Russia. Lessons learned for us to raise up THIS nation. Yay! Happy! Thanks! Joy! Did I say yay!

And just to put Hugh with a serious issue at comment 58 [at firedoglake] and me with joy at 59 into perspective, it is the great overflowing love and happiness that is the source and wellspring of my egregious energy. Am learning [ow! painfully] to spend the necessary time to rest and re-create. THEN I can go back out there with my sword. Look out world.

I need encouragement like oxygen. If you have ever seen the move Fifth Element well that’s me. I have speed-read thru human history and am crying for our inhumanity towards each other. And most important I can only save the world when I know that I am loved.

—-it is SO important to people out there. I think for every person on the front lines it takes AT LEAST 100 people in support. At a minimum.

I am trying to support people like Kissell, Laesch, Benson, and our own Nate.

Lead. Follow. SUPPORT. Teach. Learn. Everybody can do something.

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