Sunday, November 19, 2006

Falling once again into the abyss. Need help.

It's late November, I am once again falling into the abyss. Pray for me that I may arise whole after the dark winter is over. It is hell on earth every year. Hope my creativity otherwise is worth this pain. This year I feel I have used this creativity to help Webb take back the Senate and others to take back the House.

I had decided over the summer to retreat, to rest, to give myself the space to recover from stress and not resort to unsatisfactory means of making things ok *cough*drinking*cough*. But the moment was upon us. Should I have sat this one out, hoping there would be enough other people to make things happen? Risky business. I jumped in with all 3 feet [one in mouth] with the hope that my involvement would be worth the cost.

Yes I am seeing a psychiatrist. Yes I am on medicine. Yes I have people at church praying for me and my health and our program in Russia. Yes my family is there for me. But it is still hell on earth every winter.

Democrats in Virginia and Alaska are probably glad of my decision to become involved. My doctor will have his own opinion soon. Hope it was worth it.

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