Saturday, November 04, 2006

Get Out The Vote!

Cross-posted at firedoglake. Please VOTE and GET OUT THE VOTE this Tuesday. The nation depends on YOU.

DEPU’d. [double EPU'd] Fight back against the insanity!! Joe Wilson says we don’t need the tinfoil, it’s happening for real. The nation is spiraling out of control. The boat has capsized, start swimming. DO SOMETHING!! FIGHT BACK!!!!

The EPU’d part:
You want to talk vision quest, I have had some amazing things appear wrt Alaska/Benson. Don’t know whether it’s for 06 or 08, but something is developing. Reading in a novel and the words egregious and Alaska appear in consecutive paragraphs. The story has nothing to do with Alaska, it’s a gratuitous reference.

I go to the Dominican Republic, not exactly the cold capital of the world, and from there I’m trying to run an online egrBlue fundraiser on dialup for a candidate I’ve never met, raising funds from people whom I’ve never met, and then look up to see that my light fixture says Alaska on it.

And several other such happenings. Not proof, but for the one capable of seeing the light beyond the visible light, something is happening here.

Diane was asked if it was hopeless, since she was an unknown challenging an incumbent, whether this campaign was being run on a wing and a prayer. She said yes, but it’s a big wing and a big prayer. That just sank deep into my soul. She is stepping out on faith and trusting that God will provide, other people will join in, things will happen to make it turn out all right.

I picked some very dark horses early in this campaign: Webb in February when he looked hopeless and mrEgregious was mighty skeptical of my large donation; Kissell-NC opposing a powerful incumbent; Laesch opposing the speaker of the house for goodness sake; and Benson in Alaska. We will see.

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