Sunday, December 31, 2006

3,000 + 600,000

Three thousand Americans and 600,000 Iraqis dead.

We rightly worry about the former but history will judge us on both.

Don't worry tho, next year we'll be using a lot more foreign mercenaries. No security problem there right?

So foreign people killing other foreign people. Like the good old days of the Cold War. Scarcely our problem anymore.

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brotherbruz said...

okay. I read what you wrote at Unclaimed Territory... I wazun't a comfert-able when ONE Person died in this 'war.' There wuz no reason fer' keepin' the sot up. We liv in Loontown, admit it from day-one. And what's agin happenin' is weary discoursin' about political people's evil. i be willin' to say to try and pump-pump up the wimmen runnin' the govt. is Not Less gorgus. Wimmin should rule! Neo-cons ought to get dressed up in a dress and loom 'round Loontown. Them is a disgrace.