Sunday, December 31, 2006

Depression open house, a new year's tradition.

Hi, I'm stressed, depressed, and sick of war.


Come on in and sit a spell. Tell me what's on your mind. It'll be a late night, waiting up for the teenager, so let's talk.


egregious said...

Welcome to all who are mentally ill, whether from biology, life, or the current administration.

What's going on today with you?

miss_kitty said...

I had to strongarm (Heh, not really) $20 out of my neighbour (an old debt) to buy a bottle of cheap Shiraz. I prefer expensive Champagne, but I ran out of SS Disability money around the 10th of this month, and I've been working on my food stashes since then, and eating at my brother's house.
I am hoping to see gwb impeahed this year. Then indicted, then imprisoned.

Happy New Year.

egregious said...

Hey Miss Kitty--

Ya know, lots of us prefer expensive champagne. The SS Disability money only goes so far, apparently only to the 10th of the month on your case. How do you manage the rest of the time?

Tell me about your food stashes. I am anorexic/food obsessive and would like to know how you do this. The brother part I get. Hope he is ok with it.

Impeached, indicted, imprisoned, yes music to my ears.

Thanks for your comment, hope to hear from you again.

Crazy Horse said...

I wish i wasn't posting here, i wish it didn't hurt so much. But goes without saying, how thankful i am that i'm not alone. It's time to make the health of this sick planet better, and if that helps me be healthy, so be it.

I'm so tired of vision being considered unhealthy.

egregious said...

crazy horse---

You are definitely not alone. When the world is crazy, those of us who have a vision for justice seem out of alignment.

We need to keep speaking up and trying to work for a saner world, which is hard when fighting internal battles at the same time.

Wishing you peace, strength, energy, and more of that good vision stuff.

HotFlash said...

Hi 'Grege,

Get some sand in your shoes (or swimsuit!) for me.



egregious said...


Seeya when I get back.

Thanks for dropping by!

And yes I am just about to sleep, 12.30am here.

Anonymous said...

Hi, egregious. I just wanted to say hello as you sounded understandably despondent last night after the big escalation speech! Hope you get this and that you are okay! Guess I will see you on the FDL.


egregious said...

Mornin'. Mandrake, that was good of you to write. I'm not supposed to get too involved in Iraq, Iran, or Bush/Cheney because it makes me too upset and then I drink too much. I have to step back and let other people carry on for a while to keep myself safe.

Anonymous said...

I understand EXACTLY how you feel. It ate me up for years but I finally had to let it go for sanity's sake. It is a relief. I still try to do what I can in my own little way, within the parameters of depression. And so we know, simply by looking at FDL, that there are many, perhaps emotionally stronger, folks out there trying to do something about it, too.

So, anyway, won't talk about that then. You can tell me what you'd like to talk about.

As for me, I am a 44-year old divorced woman living with 3 cats in the most conservative part of SC. I have suffered from chronic depression for many years and was diagnosed as bipolar II several years ago.

I never really knew if that diagnosis was correct. I didn't know if I wanted to believe it. But a couple of months ago, I phased off all my meds except for Xanax. I felt great for a while and then, wham, I came down really hard and it was awful. So I'm back on the program again. What else can I do since I can't sit at my desk at work and cry all stinkin' day. That's just not gonna cut it!

I can sound pretty snarky on FDL, but really I'm a sensitive and caring person. Except where right-wing, hateful Republicans are concerned!

Take care and write back if you feel like sharing. I will check back.

I have things to do around the house today. But I will check back some time today or tomorrow.

Take care!


egregious said...


There's nothing wrong with being on meds. Depression is in part physiological.

Would you object to being on meds if you had diabetes?

We do what we need to in order to survive. No shame in that.

mandrake said...

I agree. I never was really ashamed. I didn't like that people didn't understand, however. I just wished I didn't need them tbecause, for me, all meds have negative consequences and I wanted to see if I could do without them, I had been on them for so long. But, of course, I discovered I could not function in my current situation without them.

egregious said...


I wish I could do without my meds too. Alas, they are crucial for me to function. I bow grudgingly to reality.

Come on up to the latest thread and we can talk some more.