Saturday, January 06, 2007

War against Iran: stop this insanity

I hope other people will step up and wrestle with the IRAN question.

I am committed to taking some time off of politics and working on the restoration of me before I lose everything. I wd have done this earlier but for the urgency of winning the elections in November.

Iran is SO important. We must figure out how the neocons are trying to manipulate our crippled government into using our remnant military to invade/bomb Iran. [air force, nukes] It could become a world war. I wish I cd become involved in this conversation but I have little energy left. Forgive me.

If any of you are wondering if you shd step forward and become involved PLEASE ACT. NOW.

ps As always, Depression Open House, your comments welcome. In a crazy world, those of us who see things in a very different way because of mental illness might just have the answer. If we survive.

My letter to people at firedoglake:
I’m on duty only part time as my main responsibility right now is restoration of a formerly high energy humanitarian.

Hope other people will jump in to fill the gap. Am mostly ok but really have to conserve what little I have left.

Please let’s not go to war against Iran. Hope people are learning more about this hideous possibility and are working to stop it.

egrDau is doing great stuff in the DomRep, good visit w her. Son off tonight for more college. Oldest dau going back to SF for productive work and happy married life.

I feel sad and guilty at pulling away from the fray but I must protect and conserve my core. Or lose it.

Please people if you are thinking, should you become more involved, YES FOR GOD’S SAKE YES, jump in here and let me feel that I can take this time to save myself. I thank you.

Do I have your permission/blessing?

Please tell me this is ok.


egregious said...

"If we survive"

Memo to team egregious---

This is a metaphor, I'm doing ok and you dont need to go to code red.

In case of a real emergency I will be very, very clear.

Thanks for yr love and understanding.

cdc said...

Having spent twenty hours a day fleshing out and following blogs last winter with no job but a little savings stashed, I have a bit of empathy for your plight.
After our grandson went into the hospital with RSV and every other family member came down with flu, I ended up with the laptop at the bedside and the state legislature still in session, and simply powerless, again.
Letting go is just so much easier than hanging on. It's a leap of faith, letting others take up the slack, but until we do we never know.
We love and cherish your wisdom and spirit.

egregious said...


How is your grandson doing?

rumi said...

Great blog and excellent idea you have to share experiences. Jumping in helps to keep me motivated to hope for the future. Just tell me if I start to comment too much. I should probably check to see if anything is still active in blogger since it finally took my name and password. So many starts, so few finishes.


I think I'm qualified to be here by having roughly the same array of ailments as yours, or for wanting to help others as much as I can, too.

heya cdc, hope all is well.

egregious said...


Welcome to my humble blog! I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

I feel like we all have little pieces of the map. Let's get together and see if we can figure out where to go.

Anonymous said...

hey! found my comment

I'm looking forward to more posts here but I might have to upgrade my Blogger status to something that works faster. The old version is so slooooow.


egregious said...


I upgraded on blogger to what they are doing with google. Can't see any difference in speed myself.