Thursday, December 14, 2006

We must try something new.

I am feeling sad that people are so unable to connect with each other. Gaining power by killing others far away. Saving face by refusing to admit that we might be one tiny bit at fault. Collateral damage = dead children. I spend my days trying to save the lives of children and my nights trying to persuade others to act to prevent the deaths of children in our various wars.

Is there a higher way? Not my way or the highway? Can we find some common ground, United Nations, grace and forgiveness, looking at oneself in the mirror and seeing humanity, looking at humanity and seeking forgiveness and justice?

We must try something new, tentative, fragile, and tender. We must SEE each other and try to love each other. Across the continents. Across the room. We are on the verge of seriously messing up the American experiment. Let’s try the new way.

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