Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Favorite bracelet found!

I found my favorite bracelet! Green of course.

Lost it the day I came back from seeing my favorite aunt in Ann Arbor, who is losing her mind. I was trying to be philosophical [sniffle] that I could get another bracelet but not another Aunt Ruth.

Today was a big day for her, as she was moved abruptly from independent living to assisted living in another place. Was expecting a volcano of anger when she realized she was moving even farther away from her home and friends, but apparently things went ok today.

And I found the bracelet I lost that other time...coincidence/synchronicity. Ready to live in the Emerald City again as the kind, gentle, and wise ruler Ozma of Oz. [end manic run of thoughts for tonight...probably]

Those of you who, like me, have ADHD will be amused to hear that I had put my bracelet in a very safe place. And promptly forgot that I had done that. I put my Cornell diploma in a very safe place and then couldn't find it for YEARS. Actually wrote to the college and got a duplicate, which to this day remains in the frame on the wall. It was in the bottom drawer of my childhood dresser, in my parents' home. Isn't that a good place? I mean, except for completely forgetting where I put it?

One cool thing about my aunt is that she has a new man in her life. A veteran with many interesting experiences from WWII, he is interested in visiting her in her new home, calls her "a remarkable woman." Ladies: a worthy goal: tho pushing 80 and losing your mind, you still have a quality man pursuing you. Go for it.

I think the real jewel is my aunt.


egregious said...

Emerald city open house :) Hard to be depressed when I found my favorite bracelet.

What's on your mind?

egregious said...

My friend Sarah wrote me last night about her elderly relative:

At 97 she -might- need to go into assisted living. Sarah and her family have helped her live at home until now.

THIS is love.

Oklahoma kiddo said...

"From their tiny little brains"

From FDL earlier.

That's funny. Tee-hee. ;)

egregious said...

Hey cousin Oklahoma! Good to hear from you.

Suzanne said...

Glad you found your fav bracelet, eg.