Monday, February 12, 2007

I'll be live blogging the Libby trial

Including in the courtroom. Tomorrow. Be there.

My hillbilly father/HLS would be astonished and proud.
You hope yr children will go beyond you, as I hope my
children will. For my dad, I think we're there.


egregious said...

What's on your mind?

NZ Expat said...

Oh egregious, I will be there with you vicariously. What a chance!

egregious said...

Prayers. Energy. Letters of encouragement. Love.

Everyone can do something:

Act. Support. Encourage. Teach. Learn.

Believe me as someone who works overseas the necessary support is high and the available support is not always there. YOU can make the difference.

egregious said...


are you moving here because of family?

Kevin Hayden said...

You GO girl!

And I hope you also get some good downtime with several peer bloggers in attendance, like a nice luncheon where peeps can just be peeps without the pollyticks.

Because the value of each of us is best enjoyed as the whole point of our existence. Socio-political beliefs and actions are a necessary extension of that, but in times when we can just relax and relate comes the enjoyment of inner gems.

NZ Expat said...

egregious....glorious perfect summer night here. The lake is calm, the mountains sharp against a creamy sky, the clouds dappled with pink and orange. Much of the town down along the lake's edge, taking the evening promenade while the black swans are gliding along the water.

And last night's insomnia had me out looking at the brilliant stars and the gauzy Milky Way. I'm so grateful that I am having this experience.

Yes, I'm coming back because of family. Mostly I still want some time to parent the 16 year old (who has always found substitute parents willing to step in, but he is still my son) but partly to stand by my daughter as she finishes her university. She has had a very rough year, oddly in the family home, but with the family so far away. And a big reason is to earn some American dollars, and to possibly get the family home ready to sell a year from now.

This week my husband is 63 and we're floating in limbo more than we were in our 20's. I'm kind of enjoying it, but it does freak out our relatives. We're supposed to settle down. Ha! (Did I tell you I walked 32 km this weekend? Yes, I probably did. So proud of myself. And I found out my thyroid is underperforming again, so I will get some help on that too.) Sorry to be overly chatty....

Have a great day tomorrow! And if by chance, Darth Vader shows, direct thoughts of quick karma his way for me.

Phoenix Woman said...


egregious said...

Actually my original was:
Lead. Follow. Support. Teach. Learn.