Wednesday, February 14, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

What? You say it's St. Valentine's Day? I will call it whatever I want. The Catholic Church says Valentine isn't a real saint anyway.

So at the moment I'm pacing the floor waiting to see if there will be court today. Do you suppose that's why they call the documents the Pacer system? High-strung people trying to calm down long enough to get the facts onto paper.

To amuse and calm myself I'm looking at the slogans on my coffee mugs:

Rocky and Bullwinkle---"Stupidity at Epidemic Proportions"

Dogbert---"Let me drop everything and work on YOUR problem"

and finally,

"What time is recess?"

Well this isn't working. Back to pacing the floor. Hey it works off the winter weight. I actually lost a pound this week. I'm gonna call it the Trial by Jury Diet.


egregious said...

What would you like to name today?

egregious said...

I am retreating. Don't worry, just need some rest. This is always a possibility whenever I try something new.

Gerry said...

Your post is real funny and yet a lil thought provoking too. Yes, I do find logic in what you are saying. Do visit my blog and perhaps you can have a good time reading them too.