Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sunshine in February

It may be winter for everyone else, but with the return of longer sunny days, for me spring is here.

My productivity will surge---sorry, retract that word which is stained with the blood of our brave troops. A girl I hae known since she was seven is going to Iraq this month with the Marines.

Tears and prayers for her. Speaking of life and hope.

I played Spring in the second grade play. Still have the dress. Favorite color green, new life, new hope.

The ice is breaking up and the river is beginning to flow in the CIA/Plame case. "The prosecution rests." I find little buds and shoots of hope appearing in our winter-weary nation. When will we be finished with this harsh political season, and return to running the country properly?

I think it will be 6 more weeks of meteorological winter and maybe several more years of political winter. [Groundhog Day or Candlemas, take your choice.]

But spring will come again.

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egregious said...

Yes Candlemas was nearly a week ago, so 5 not 6 more weeks of winter. Even fewer with global warming! No accumulated snow in St. Petersburg Russia mid-January? Made them very nervous.

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