Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty

History in the making. Libby is found guilty in 4 of the 5 charges. Successful: obstruction of justice, perjury in front of the grand jury, and lying to the FBI.

It was a great privilege to be one of the first few citizen journalists ever to have official press credentials to cover a trial in federal court. My days were February 13, when Fitzgerald swiftly disposed of John Hannah's excuses, and March 2 during jury deliberations. It was fun to get to know the other media people better. Now when I watch the news I think, yeah, nice guy, met him last week :)

We had a party to celebrate at Plamehouse. I got to meet Pach and Stoller. Jane is off, and Marcy leaves today after her last radio gig. Everybody is elated but exhausted.

We enjoyed celebratory wine provided by looseheadprop.



egregious said...

How do judge this situation?

egregious said...

Resting today. What a party.

egregious said...

For the history books: the Saturday blog x 20.