Monday, April 09, 2007

Hey from Russia

Written Easter Sunday

Hey from Russia. I was sitting at the window looking at two white horses and a carriage in the light April snow, enjoying my beef stroganoff and wifi, when the wifi went poof. I suppose all dreams must end at some point. But the horses are really cool.

We work tomorrow. Hope you guys had/are having a glorious Easter. Christianity is under assault not least from wingers that have a very odd interpretation of love your neighbor. Am trying to do the peacemaker thingie and it’s tough going. I feel I was called by God at an early age to do this work, and trust that He knows what He is doing.

The beauty of being mentally ill [not the phrase you hear every day] is that when regular life is difficult, you might as well do something really hard, because it’s not much different.



egregious said...

What's on your other hemisphere?

And what brings new life to you?

newspaperbrat said...

Hey egregious - loved your Easter Day post from Russia - what an inspiration you are. You give new meaning to the old adage - lead by doing. xo