Wednesday, June 13, 2007

mcEgregious learns the Mac

It might not surprise you to learn, after hearing me rave about all things Scottish with the possible exception of haggis [sorry Marcy], that I am a Mc. This weekend I had the opportunity to learn about another kind of mac.

Learning to use a new computer, a new operating system, and new software during a work emergency should be a breeze right? It worked out in an unexpected way. Story of my life.

I started work as usual at 7 in the morning. That alone should be enough to alarm family and friends, since historically and until very recently I was quite the night owl, working til 2am not uncommon.

At a critical moment I couldn't access my files. Good old microsoft IE at its best. Yes, I was going to have to get up to speed immediately on the new mac, which had been slowly assembled and tested over a couple of weeks. I'm not against technology, I just want to understand things in depth before allowing them into my life. Is that so unreasonable?

The good news is that both my working partner and my best friend are mac people. They have been beating on me encouraging me for months to come over to the Light. I finally purchased one when my 5 year old thinkpad developed vertical lines so wide I couldn't always read what was on the screen. These two people saved me and my work from chaos.

After four hours of tutorial, I was ready to fly solo. Good thing, because the work situation was imploding. Don't know what I would have done without the mac. It ended up being a 15 hour work day, if you count the morning lessons, but that's ok. It all worked out, and time off can be put off for another time. I do notice how it rarely is that other

Takehome message: yay friends and coworkers. Thank you.


egregious said...

Your computer always behaves, right?

newspaperbrat said...

Congrats - I love my miniMac and finally have access to wifi at work and sweet mr.brat just upgraded to a new laptop and handed it down to me use when I'm on duty at the museum. Simply thrilled. Mac is much more intuitive for this old brat.Can't believe I wrote that - like I have any idea what I'm talking about. xo

egregious said...


Good to hear from you!

I am finding the mac smooth and quiet. All very good for someone who gets upset when the refrigerators make too much noise etc.