Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4: Everybody Can Do Something

What to do:

Everybody can do something:

Lead. Follow. Support. Teach. Learn.

See something that's not being done? Give yourself a battlefield promotion: you do it, or organize a group of people to get the job done.

See somebody else being an effective leader? Follow their directions and their guidance.

Are there people and groups doing amazing this that you admire? Support their efforts with funds, publicity, and words of encouragement. Hint: firedoglake fundraiser in progress to support the next chapter of Janevision and Marcyvision.

Have you figured out a little of what is going on? Teach others, whether children or adults. Most people do NOT know how far things have gone. Explain it to them.

Do things seem really confused? Learn more. Maybe things will still be confusing, but at a much higher level.

Everybody can do something.


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egregious said...

So much to do! Let's get started. What to do first?