Sunday, November 18, 2007

You've Got A Friend

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This early James Taylor, with Carole King on piano, is dedicated to old and new friends at the Northern California pup meetup from this afternoon.

We struggled bravely thru an enormous amount of appetizers, entrees, and desserts including one which we dubbed The TRex:

TRex cookies
Thanks especially to the wonderful Suzanne who shared her redwoods, her creek, and Token, the cutest dog in the world with us.

The firepups:
Mary McCurnin
writer/musician Sahra
and the one, the only, Freeway Blogger: scarlet p.


Added: Teddy's pictures

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egregious said...

Is the hotel really on fire at 4am? is the question one asks while reaching for pants, car keys, and computer bag, along with perhaps some grumbling about the general unfairness of it all.

Quite the scene downstairs with maybe a hundred people in various stages of disarray and bewilderment. After quite it while the fire department announces it was a false alarm and everybody can go back to sleep. Ha!

So this naturally leads to other questions. What is the closest place I can get coffee? [gas station, Sand Hill Road.] Wonder what else is open at 4:30 in the morning here? [absolutely nothing.] Is that a raccoon crossing the road? [yes]

Didn’t envision this was how I would spend my first night, or half night, in my new unfurnished place in Menlo Park, but why not. With wifi, heat, nice carpet, and above all no fire alarm, it seemed just the place to go.

Had to laugh because one of my questions for this trip is what did the place look like at night. Was it dark enough to be able to sleep, what color were the streetlights, what time does the sun come up. Problem solved!

And just to add that little kick of the universe, when I got to my new place the smoke detector was chirping every two minutes. Used my one lovely chair to reach the ceiling and hush this interruption of the night quiet.

Now, my dear friends, good morning.