Sunday, December 02, 2007

Firedoglake: Pull Up A Chair

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Ready for a vacation yet? I thought the hammock looked pretty inviting. Or as a friend says, ready to run screaming out the door?

The crazy season is upon us, the pressure to have a perfect holiday. And sometimes the suggested solutions are worse than the original problem. Now instead of buying something we have to make something [which if you've seen my arts and craft skills is SO not happening].

I typically race thru my holiday card list to hurry and get it done. Am wondering if this is quite the point. Might it be possible to send out fewer cards, and spend a moment to think about these people? Nah, back to work.

One of my friends said holiday preparation makes her so frazzled she dreams of attending someone else's celebration: "I'd like to just show up."

So I'm thinking of a little experiment this year--- to step away from the pressure to have a perfect holiday, and instead look for the joy that is already in my life. And then share that joy with others, especially those who are lonely, isolated, or hurting.

And I'm hoping that you guys will have some great ideas about how to put some sanity back into this holiday season. Let's hear what you've got!

Special favor for scribe and all other hungry pups, please jump in with more recipes for cookies and sweets of all kinds. Shoutout to Christy, we know you're peeking!

Welcome to the new house! Let's put the teakettle on, and pull up a chair....

Lovely photo from nunavut


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