Monday, December 31, 2007

"My Daughter Has Potato Blight"

Having a good time this week at my childhood home in Ohio remembering funny stories.

After writing school excuse notes for 7 children over the years my mother got pretty fast at zipping them off as the kid walked out the door, all part of the normal morning routine.

But one day, writing 8 notes for 5 different kids, she just cracked under the pressure: "Please excuse my daughter, she has potato blight."

Pandora's box was now open. Another note: "Our son _____ has permission to do all this stuff." The school actually called and scolded her.

More: "Please excuse ____ yesterday, I thought he was sick."

And finally, one note written as a limerick.

I never quite had the nerve to write such notes for my own children, but was sorely tempted to do something creative for one daughter, whose attendance counselor knew the sound of my voice on the phone. For this child, I wanted to write: "Please excuse _______ tomorrow, she will have been not feeling well."


Photo by cuorhome


Ellie said...

this one still makes me laugh and laugh

Anonymous said...

egr, that is too funny! You (and your mom)just made my night.

Sunny N