Sunday, January 13, 2008

Egregious Meets MilleniaLab

All thanks to emptywheel for the kind invitation to dine with her last night. First chance to meet the esteemed Mr. emptywheel and the adorable MilleniaLab [or is it vice versa?] and see where she works.

Mighty fine meal with roast beef, onions, turnips cooked to perfection, salad, and homemade pumpkin pie with whipped cream. I might have sneaked a little whipped cream to the dog :)

With the Michigan primary this Tuesday it was a most interesting time to visit family and friends here and listen to their insights about what's going on here. Is it the highest unemployment in the nation? Michigan today, the rest of us tomorrow.


Photo by jamesfarnham


Ellie said...

my favorite part of pie is the whipped cream

Ellie said...

well and the pie part too,
especially when it's chocolatey kinds of pie parts

Prairie Sunshine said...

If not the highest unemployment, then definitely the worst for moving out of the state...ND comes right behind it.

Can't understand why anybody'd leave a state with such gorgeous labs....

Nostalgic for Beau and Jesse, the Jackson brothers [also black labs], who we once fostered for a few gangly months... may they be chasing bunnies across the heavens.