Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let There Be Light

Some scary yellow thing appeared in the sky this afternoon after five days of rain in ?sunny Menlo Park California. Must investigate.

Was on my way home from buying my first lamp for the new kinda dark apartment. Tonight is my first time to sleep there, wonder if I'll even be able to fall asleep. Excitement spills over into an anxious vigil, tho what I am waiting for is unknown. Keep telling myself things will become more familiar.

Best of all today was a reunion with an old friend who is now a minister at Menlo Park Presbyterian. I helped guide her internship when she was a student minister in Massachusetts, now she is welcoming me into her community and her home. Lotta years gone by and catching up to do. I'm looking forward to it. The best kind of Light: the inner light of the spirit. It's been dark there too.


photo by Essjay NZ


Prairie Sunshine said...

We have that kinda thing here in Prairie Country, too, when that mysterious lemondrop appears after weeks of winter cloudy skies and we turn our faces skyward and think,
"Oh, happy day!"

egregious said...

And just after I posted this, I went outside and saw that maintenance had fixed the light on the lamppost, so things are looking a little brighter.

barbara said...

I remember my now long-ago new, kinda dark apartment. Windows on one side only, overlooking a mini forest. Not much light at all. In the days of incandescent profligacy, bought lots of (cheap) lamps and lighted them frequently and for long periods of time. As I settled in to the new place, the lights became less necessary.

How preachy was THAT? True, though.

Every woman needs and deserves to work things out in her own time. The "in wait" time. T.S. Eliot wrote a quite wonderful segment in "Four Quartets" about the waiting and the hoping. Don't know it from memory, unfortunately.

But my absolute favorite is Wendell Berry's "Peace of Wild Things." I post it on my blog from time to time, because . . . oh, just because.

Be warm. Be well.

egregious said...

Thanks barbara. About to leave for the airport. Next week when I come back, I will be living here. FIrst overnight went well, I actually slept thru!

Elliott said...

Nothin' like waking up in a nice comfy bed. . .

Alicia Morgan said...

Welcome to California, egregious.

egregious said...

Thanks Alicia!