Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where Am I Going

FIrst time at Menlo Park Presbyterian, people were so welcoming and loving.

I was brought to the senior pastor who prayed for me about my divorce and brokenness and move to California. Apparently he is famous for his writing and his books [John Ortberg]. I said I was probably the only one in the sanctuary who had never heard of him. I was there because I asked God what city to live in and what church to find.

It worked for Vienna VA Pres and will work again here. The rest of my life may be in a shambles, but I do trust God to direct me to the right congregation.


Photo by Arkansas Wanderer

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Prairie Sunshine said...

Sounds like the rest of your life was in shambles and you've been taking action to put it to rights again.

Brava to you, Good Eg!

Anne Lamott has some wonderful things to say about finding your congregation in her marvelous books that are thoughts on faith, starting with Traveling Mercies. A kindred spirit for you.