Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting Connected

Waiting for the cable guy to come and connect my new television. Having severe C-Span withdrawal [or C-Spam as twolf calls it].

It's been interesting to watch how my new connections are evolving on both a technical and a human level. One of my greatest fears moving here was that I would be so isolated and alone.

But I am doing my best to be patient, to be friendly, to take each day and make the most of it. Keep telling myself that "things will become less unfamiliar." I've planned for the entire month of February to seem weird.

At some point, I imagine I'll feel like camp is over and it's time to go home. But for now, so far so good.


photo by kenyee


Prairie Sunshine said...

Staying connected matters, too!

Keep on keepin' on, Eg.

Suzanne said...

one more step towards getting your west coast life started.

feb is the perfect month to plan to be weird - it has the shortest number of days and this year is a leap year. you've already taken a huge leap - the rest are just baby steps.

congrats on being able to feed that cpan monkey.


Elliott said...

I'm glad you're getting connected :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous colors in those pictures. Thanks for lifting my grey day here in Kansas.

I am sympathetic (empathetic?) with the transition zone. I need a fast change but am in a long limbo of a change. Next August, I'm moving to a place (Butte, Montana) that may be lovely in summer and fall, but I fear I'm getting a bit old for such a lengthy winter (I can deal with short and brutal, but long?). Yet I'm grateful that the husband, at age 64, found a job.

Meanwhile, I like to see that there is music in your life. And irises.

There is a novelist, newly moved here from the East Coast, after a startling divorce (30 years of marriage, I think). I watch the incredible courage she displays as she builds her new life. Joys and times of terror. Even though you don't know each other, imagine this band of sisters, all about the globe. And remember how much your voice is treasured, soothing and confronting at the same time, urging fdl to sanity when the commenters sometimes start to veer off the rails.

Anonymous said...

egregious - I forgot to sign that the previous one was from NZ Expat, now AdAstra.