Friday, May 30, 2008

Is Christianity too hard?

"I think it was DH Lawrence that suggested that Christianity was too hard for people."

Well sure. Return love for hate? Bless those who would persecute you? Pray for those who would rather see you harmed? Not so easy.

I naively took this literally and prepared to work with our enemy, the former Soviet Union. There were many who tried to thwart this work, hard to believe anyone would try to interfere with our helping newborns with congenital heart disease, but we persevered in order to save lives and try to create a new kind of understanding between our nations.

Now as to forgiving and working for reconciliation with people in THIS country who have done me/us harm? Yes, I am struggling with that as well. Not so easy but very important.

We are all human beings, we need to look for our common ground, and reach out to those who we see have fallen from reality. Need to walk with them from where they are lost in error to the new place where they experience both truth and safety.

A lot of people’s resistance to coming forward with the truth is that they are afraid. We can be there for them as they become brave to speak.


photo by drewesque


Elliott said...

there is beauty in forgiveness. a pure inherent beauty.

Suzanne said...

*standing on chair clapping*

very well said eg