Friday, May 23, 2008

Larry Kissell - NC-08 in '08!

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Announcing a special Blue America time tomorrow to welcome back our friend Larry Kissell, Congressional candidate from the eighth district of North Carolina. NC-08 in '08!

President Bush will be coming to his district Thursday to give out medals at Ft Bragg. You would think the President would be ashamed to show up there because their substandard housing has been much in the news lately.

Let's hear from a progressive Democrat how things really are for the returning troops. Larry has shown real leadership in reaching out to those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The contrast between his actions and the lack of support from the Bush administration is clear.

Kissell got national attention during his 2006 race, when he lost to the incumbent by only about 300 votes, by having an event where gasoline was sold for $1.22 a gallon, the price at the beginning of the Bush administration. That sure seems hard to believe now, with gas pushing $4 a gallon.

Larry will be with us to answer our questions on how things are going in his district, which has suffered greatly from decisions made by this administration. They have one of the highest rates of unemployment in the area and a lot of people are facing foreclosure on their homes.

I have talked with Larry by phone and feel that his concern for the folks in his district and his love for our country are genuine. You want a true grassroots progressive candidate? Kissell is the real thing.

We're eager to hear his plans for the future and how his terrific campaign with hundreds of volunteers is going. So join us tomorrow at 6:00 ET, 3:00 PT for what promises to be a great Blue America session!

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