Monday, May 26, 2008

The Next Mountain

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What comes next? In a week full of changes, including here at FDL, it seems difficult to keep track of it all. New political developments, new ideas, things happening quickly.

It would be nice to have some time to rest, to take a good look at that next mountain ahead, and figure out what we are going to need to get there.

Sometimes I feel like FDL is the base camp, with the good food and supplies, that prepares us to go on up and scale the heights. Our fellow climbers can be out of sight sometimes, but every once in a while we get reports of a breathtaking view.

Have any of you gone through changes recently that you want to share with the pups? We had a good discussion last Saturday about joys and concerns in the community, let's keep it going.

What is the next mountain you are thinking about climbing? What do you think of the new things we are trying here?

I would especially love to hear from some of you readers who have never commented or rarely commented. Here's your chance to chime in.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea to go with your homemade cookies, and pull up a chair.... 

photo taken by PhillipC

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