Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Best Wishes K.C. and David!


My cousin David is getting married to the lovely K.C.!!

If I have my story right, he met her while he was researching the Great Wall in China. Actually it's not a wall, it's a line...well, a series of lines...fortifications...ok maybe better to read the New Yorker article where he explains it all.

Congratulations and wishing you guys much happiness!


photo by sci-figal

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Mary Ellen said...


I wish the newlyweds all the happiness in the world!!!

The universe intends for us to have companionship ;-)

Please forgive me, this may have nothing & everything to do with your post.

I am wading through the morass of divorce. A year & I have reached Calm! The loneliness was overwhelming at times. I expect to get married again to the right soul.

It was of my choosing as my ex has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I wanted my voice & joy back. I moved through anger to forgiveness - I take full responsibilty for my choice & he doesn't know what he did. I look for all the good in those 12 years.

In any case I have just begun to venture out into the world after a year. I'm writing, painting & adjusting dynamics with our shared friends (not easy).

I hope this is not inappropriate for such a joyfull post!! But it gives me hope and is buoying of spirit! Yay!