Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Common Enemy

Forest v trees. We all need to pile onto one end of the seesaw thru the elections and then we can scatter into our many respective points of view.

The current administration has been responsible for killing a million innocent people in Iraq. I cannot type that without being sick. I have spent my entire life working to save a mere few thousands of lives, and in the meanwhile, my government has killed a million people. May God forgive us, for the rest of the world will not.

I truly cannot contemplate the NEXT big thing which is aggressive war against Iran. I came into blogging because Washington insiders who opposed Bolton were horrified about this next step that would truly take our country off the cliff.

This administration is responsible for the shredding of our Constitution. The degrading of our planet. The justification of the unthinkable -- torture, the abdication of the Geneva Conventions, and starting a war of aggression. Our country.

Eyes on the prize folks. We have a real enemy in common. We are fighting evil, the Biblical kind of evil. Money versus human lives. Power versus human rights. It is ugly and wrong.

Can we please, please, please get behind the only chance to turn things around in the short term, and then argue the fine points and the frankly hurtful points of division, after we have given it our best effort, our one big push in November?

We need a Democratic president and we need to help elect as many progressive Senators and Congressmen as we can. It is a race against time and a race against insanity. Let us work together to fight against this insanity and not attack each other. There is an enemy, and it is not us -- let's stand together for now and work out the fine points later please? The Germans went down because the left dissolved into bickering factions. Let's do better, ok?


photo by pagedooley at Santa Monica Beach, one cross for each American killed in Iraq.

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Prairie Sunshine said...

Well said, egr!

Yes, we can.