Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Good Year

Challenged myself to come up with a list of good things that have developed since last July 22.

1. Courage/face fears
2. Live in a place with perfect weather
3. Shed bitterness
4. Own resources/choices
5. I like my new little place
6. Friendlier to everyone, store clerks, etc
7. Live near mountains
8. Humble to accept love and help
9. Help my mom more
10. Work on progressive infrastructure
11. New friends
12. Great neighbors with kids and dogs
13. Really fresh food
14. I am writing at last
15. Closure on my russian work
16. Finally off meds
17. Being given more responsibility at work
18. More honest relationships
19. Time spent on beauty and health
20. Open to the next steps in my life


photo by bensonkua


Suzanne said...

that's an excellent list eg.

huggies for overcoming another hurdle - time really does make the wounds less sensitive to pain.

egregious said...

Hope so

Elliott said...

you are an inspiring soul.

egregious said...

Thanks for your encouragement El

Jeff said...

So, whither RMF?

egregious said...

I will still provide support for the russian work but not travel over there any more. We are changing the legal structure of the fund at the end of 2008 in terms of tax deductibility if that affects your plans. You're getting the beta version before it's public :)

Prairie Sunshine said...

One Good Year....
Deserves Another...and

egregious said...

Thank you Prairie :)

raven said...


egregious said...

Hey Raven, whatup.