Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dem Convention Journalist

When being recognized by Gavin Newsom, the young mayor of SF, doesnt even make the top ten amazing things that happened this week at the convention, it's time to start writing some impressions. Back yesterday, completely amazing time, so many new friends and colleagues and the opportunity to meet people I have been working with online.

In no particular order:

1. Talked with Senator Jon Tester - complete love fest in the press room.

2. Scoop interview with George Lakoff on framing: next steps. I saw him walk by and jumped up out of my chair to meet him, got the story on the new narrative.

3. Photo of me and snarky quote on Comedy Central site. And the producer and writer are so cool. Look at 11:03, my quote at 10:28, and photo at 8:45.

4. Four on camera interviews -- not bad for one whose pre-egregious screen name was "shygirl" -- including Reuters and Cox News.

5. Awesome time with old friends including Marcy, Ian, Christy, Jane, Pach, Dave Johnson

6. Interviewed Rep. John Hall -- "Still the One" --energy policy awaits Obama's election.

7. Spoke with a dozen governors, senators, congressmen, and candidates - list later. I'm tired. Sen. Salazar -- who was amused to learn about what firedoglake means. Gov. Schweitzer. Shulman. Polis. Taddeo. Sen. Durbin.

8. Came close to, but did not speak with: Rachel Maddow, Senator Leahy, Wash State Governor Chris Gregoire, Rep. Moran, Jonathan Alter of msnbc, Katie Couric, Sen. Schumer, Sean Penn, Paul Pelosi.

9. Met so many new folks -- again the full list must wait. Noneck - who got thrown out of China for interviewing people about Tibet, this is his photo of me. BenGoshi, attorney at kos, and the whole LeftinAlabama team. Crooks&Liars' Amato - wild man and his partner who is a complete sweetheart. Aravosis/Americablog. Glenn Greenwald. Markos/kos. Duncan/Atrios. Jesse, Lauren, Evan, and Sara at Group News Blog. Tim Tagaris.

10. Helped C-Span edit an article.

11. Back channel established with an official high up in the DCCC. Long off record interview.

12. Glad I didn't bolt the first day when I was so scared I nearly left.

13. SF Mayor Gavin Newsom recognizes me.

14. A new sense of self confidence as I try new things and many of them actually work. I look great and apparently am throwing off sparks. Thanks to Team Egregious for wardrobe advice and general support, you know who you are even if I can't name you in public.

Small steps, brave small steps, add up when it counts. Thank you new friends and old friends. We are going to elect Obama/Biden and rock the world.



Mary said...

Great thoughts, great convention, and I'm so glad you were there. It sounds like a wonderful experience.

Teddy said...

You rock my world, lady.

And your new hair is just swell.

Keep on.

Bustednuckles said...


Suzanne said...

standing on chair clapping

Jeffrey said...

Great job!

OldCoastie said...

nice job, eg!

David McIntosh said...

Great quote that you gave to Comedy Central: "In twenty years, when the Democrats have gotten fat and lazy, our children will vote them out... And they should." I hope we live to see the day.

egregious said...

Video, I'm in the first minute, coming over and sitting down


Prairie Sunshine said...

Good on ya, eg!