Saturday, August 09, 2008

Evolving Dreams

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"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true"

I love this photo with the combination of dark skies, calm lake, and stunningly bright rainbow -- a double rainbow for good luck.

It's tempting to get trapped in the dark and think it will be like this forever, whether politically or personally. To get beyond that it helps to reconnect with your dreams -- your childhood dreams, your young adult hopes, your current vision for the future.

To be at a point of transition, when one set of dreams has come to fruition, but the next set are waiting for the muse, is a special challenge.  I think a lot of us are experiencing this disequilibrium politically if not personally.  Our ideas about the way things are supposed to be have been shaken. Developing new ideas, new dreams, takes time and creative thought and way more patience that I can find sometimes.

Would love to hear from you pups about where you are in your evolving dreams...are you living them, considering new ones, basking in the joy of completed ones, despairing that you won't ever have them come true, where are you?

Come on in, have some coffee or tea and homemade cookies, and pull up a chair.... 

photo by Nicholas_T at Minsi Lake, Northampton County PA


raven said...

Just back from a week on Edisto Island, SC. A place where doggies can still go on the beach!

egregious said...

Hey Raven! We miss you...come say howdy on my Pull Up a Chair?

raven said...

Aw EG, I have just had to bail. There were folks, like you, who really were great over there but it just ran its course for me.

raven said...

Just for yuks I did a quick drive by. Where's Siun and all the other hand wringers when the Russians are devastating Georgia? A full fledged attack on civilians and the Lake is talking about Bob Dylan????

egregious said...

raven I gotta catch a plane...good to see you...catch you later :)