Friday, October 17, 2008

Idea Incubator

Enchanted to work with stellar authors, especially those who don't realize how wonderful they are becoming. I feel that I work in a well-protected idea incubator, observing and guarding ideas until they hatch.

Ask me two years ago if this scenario was even conceivable, and you get the same laughter as I had contemplating the evolving work that would result in 30 trips to Russia to save thousands of lives, before it happened, while the dream was still in the incubator.

Old dream: save the former USSR from darkness, bring hope

New dream: save the current US from darkness, bring hope



Prairie Sunshine said...

Could not ask for a better shepherd of the idea incubator than you, egregious.

Now back to hatchin' up some more diary ideas.... :-)

egregious said...

Thanks Prairie :)

Suzanne said...

tagged ya dearest eg