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Alaska -- Begich Vote Count Update

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Blue Alaska favorite Mark Begich is still waiting to learn whether he will represent Alaska in the U.S. Senate.

Alaska Senate and House races are still unfinished as absentee and provisional ballots are being counted. Colleagues in Alaska indicate if the counting is done honestly, Begich ought to come out the winner. But that's a big "if".

Received this from the Begich campaign: [Donate Here to help the count and recount]

There are currently more than 81,000 early, absentee, and questioned ballots going through the validating process. More ballots are arriving each day, so that number will grow a bit. While currently trailing by 3257 votes, we did exceedingly well with the early votes counted so far (61% for Mark, 48% for Stevens), sent a terrific mail piece to every absentee voter, and question ballots in Alaska usually skew to Democrats. You can see this by going to http//

This is a race we are fighting for and intend to win.

The Division of Elections (DOE) plans to count 2/3 of the outstanding ballots on Wednesday and those remaining on Friday. All oversees ballots have to be in by Wednesday, November 19th and the DOE plans to certify the election on Tuesday, November 25. A recount, should one be necessary, would occur after that. We will keep you updated on the status of the race after each step in the process.

The Anchorage Daily News explains the process of contesting ballots:

With 18,271 questioned ballots so far, the campaigns for Stevens and Begich are asking their supporters for help with the additional expense of lawyers and observers during the canvassing. Each ballot is reviewed by a two-member board composed of a Democrat and Republican, and each side is entitled to an observer who can challenge a ruling. Unresolved issues can be brought to court.

Considering all the national media time wasted on trivial matters, would it be too much to hope they would shine some light on the Alaskan vote count?

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