Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spontaneous Honor Guard for the Fallen

crossposted 11 November 2008 at firedoglake. My grandfather McIntosh died on 11/11 - WWI vet, fought in France.

Honor Guard

Wanted to share Prairie's story from 2007 about a spontaneous honor guard she observed along the frozen North Dakota highway for a young Minnesota soldier who was killed in Iraq.

Had a really poignant drive into town. Turned on the Fargo radio for weather and road reports. Right at the freeze mark and rainy dismal white-knuckle driving all the way back.

Then the radio mentioned a motorcade for the [------] soldier’s remains which were arriving in Fargo and asked people to come out to honor him.

Just west of Hawley we started seeing pickups and SUVs at the ends of driveways. Flags flying in front yards. By Dilworth, the fire dept trucks were all out along the road. As we drove into Moorhead, the police escort led the way for their group.

My God, I had tears running down my cheeks. Flashing our lights seemed such a small gesture. All those fatheads on the Sunday shows and cable news with their strolls and photo-ops and posturing.

And it’s all about this. One 28-year-old kid coming home for the last time.

These sons and daughters of America died for us. Let us remember, and honor.

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