Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hold Hands Tighter

In a transition it's important to hold hands tighter, to keep each other safe.

I am feeling very uplifted by people on my team. I worked for many years alone. To be part of a great team is truly astonishing. To have so much love and concern for each other. To have people ask me to take on new responsibilities and trust me - even when i screwed up - again - has been very healing.


photo by gregg.jenkinson


egregious said...

It's the day my Grandma Mac died, in 1973. I like to think she would be good with this message of love. And given that our family ESP comes thru her line, from her Grandma Celia Patrick Allen/Dunn, it may *actually* be her message of love.

Bustednuckles said...

Yer heart is in the right place hon', that is what people see, even when ya screw up.

Keep following yer heart, ya do wonderful things.