Friday, April 10, 2009

Comedy Central Interview

Comedy Central took this photo of me at the Democratic Convention in August 2008. I think I forgot to put it up here then. We were kinda busy :)

From the interview:

POSTED BY: Dennis and Michael
11:03 - So the plus sides of The Big Tent are definitely the company (thanks to our friends at Fire Dog Lake, Group News Blog, and Daily Kos) the free food, and the free beer. The only real downside was that they didn't turn on the sound until after Pelosi spoke, and when they did, they nearly blasted my ear drums out.

10:28 - I asked Firedoglake editor egregious a question, hoping to trip her up, because I'm an asshole. She was talking about all this community's efforts to sway the country blue, and I asked her what she thought would happen when the country became a vast Democratic majority. Her response…

"In twenty years, when the Democrats have gotten fat and lazy, our children will vote them out… And they should."

Ha ha! I'm not gonna have kids, so she's wrong. - DDC


I think if I ever did one thing that makes me cool in my kids' eyes, this could be it. Altho texting from overseas in the early 2000's apparently counts, as not too many folks' parents were doing such things then.

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