Friday, July 21, 2006

Bipolar people -- welcome

Rejoice and cry, our motto.

A hearty welcome to all who go through life with bipolar, ADHD, major depression, OCD, or any other mental illness.

You are not alone.

Sometimes I feel like I am special, like special education.
But our differences can help us see the world in an unusual way. That might be just what the world needs in this time of trouble.

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Anonymous said...

Just spent about eighteen months in my house except for grocery shopping and that was hell. Unplugged the phone, everything. Online search for help when I could find enough muster to look were so awful. Every antidepresser site is a pay for with no meaningful info. Litigious fears no doubt. Was really surprised how difficult it was to find online help . The last month has improved, and I don't know why. I don't think I am bipolar but ADD might be part of the mix. Over the years tried welbutrin and zoloft and they were just awful. A doctor hooked me on very high dosage of xanax 8mg. a day and it nearly killed me getting off of it. Xanax and booze are the only drugs that can kill when quitting. I should have researched in advance, but doc's never mentioned addiction at all for the first 5 years. Also this information was not online at least in a easy to find way. Nice of you to post one for those of us who suffer in silence.