Sunday, July 16, 2006

Spazeboy: creativity/brilliance/burnout

Spazeboy, you are SO ahead of your time. Take whatever rest/timeoff you need in order to keep up your creativity, because the entire civilized world is depending on your work. No pressure right? :D

Seriously, when you can work that’s great, and when you need to rest, do it. More important to have you intermittently and brilliantly. Works for me. At least that’s my justification for spurts of brilliance and then periodic flaming out.

Note for future historians: Spazeboy is the video genius that helped get Lamont elected to the Senate in Connecticut and thus saved the nation and the world. No pressure.

Prediction: future Pulitzer [or online equivalent] prize winner. You heard it here first.

1 comment:

s p a z e b o y said...

I've got fans--Yippee!

Thanks for the kind words egregious, I want you to know that I'm not going to stop until Ned Lamont wins on August 8th. I couldn't live with myself if I wake up on August 9th knowing I could have done more--so I plan to do everything I can and hope it amounts to victory for Ned Lamont.