Thursday, August 17, 2006

The former U.S., new totalitarian state

We are the leaders we've been waiting for....

Watching Lamont mature as a candidate is such a pleasure. He was a diamond in the rough who is becoming more polished with each appearance. People who watch him on television likely react as I do, that he is the genuine article.

And may I add a good word about my main man WEBB. Scorching reaction to the Allen racist commentary.

Court decides we have a tripartite government after all = a GOOD DAY all around. Yay rule of law. Triple yay for a hearty smackdown of those who abuse our system.

The egregious party platform:
Domestic policy--the Constitution
Foreign policy--Geneva Conventions

I have discussed this with every existing and aspiring politician I meet = more people than I talk about here. Who knows maybe some of them think about it.

We can win, but it is not a sure thing. It is still possible to see everything go down the 1933 - 1937 hole. Am half German and I work in the former Soviet Union. These totalitarian events are the day before yesterday. The 30,000,000 people who died are remembered by family members that personally knew them. It is a very real danger, based on the evil actions of a small number of people, with support from a larger number of people who are either intimidated or paid to go along. All good Germans/Soviets. Better you than me. Protect my family.

It can happen again, and IT CAN HAPPEN HERE. We are one false flag event away from the Reichstag Fire and martial law. Let us redouble our efforts to turn our nation around, for the sake of our children, our grandchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbor kids, all those who will be baffled after the neocons wipe out participatory democracy.

Make it stop. TAKE ACTION. Love the children. FIGHT BACK.

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