Friday, August 18, 2006

Living in heaven, working in hell

It's been interesting to hear the gory details from a fellow firedoglaker about her medical stuff in Europe, kind of a chance to see what it looks like to observe my medstuff from this end.

Part of the difficulty of doing work like this is the disconnect between our comfy lives and the horror of people suffering somewhere else.

It's painful to make the transition between normal life and egregious suffering. Why would anyone in their right mind do this? For me it works because I'm not in my right mind, i.e. mentally ill. If normal life is painfully difficult and working to save lives overseas is painfully difficult, why not go for it?

In her case it's worse because people are there because of our decision to go to war based on propaganda.

In my case it's hard because of living in a country where RELATIVELY we hae* adequate health care for most people, and working in a country where so many do not get the basics. Breaks my heart in the case of children, which is why I work there. Should their oil-rich government spend their rubles on sick children? That's another answer over another bottle.

*hae = Scottish for have.

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