Friday, August 18, 2006

Creating false fear. Boo! Be afraid of something.

ironranger at firedoglake: "Has Cheney got his yellow tie on? Incredible. He is using the same exact bogus game plan to justify hitting Iran. This time it's uranium supposedly purchased from Tanzania, not Niger. If this doesn't convince people that the whole bunch needs to be installed in padded cells for our safety, I truly despair. I wonder if they will use the same forgers that did the Niger docs for this job. What a nightmare."

You CANNOT be serious. Trying to shop/hype ANOTHER war of aggression for the benefit of *IPAC using evidence so bogus it laughs itself right off the page?

Uranium from Tanzania. OOOH! Be scared Boo Be afraid Boogieman BROWN PEOPLE Epidemic avian Scamflu Homeland Insecurity Fearmongering [Katrina? Unreal] Immigrants that will steal your job/home/daughters Boo Threats against ItWhichMustNotBeNamed=threats against Americans immanent danger Attack Now BE AFRAID because we SAY SO 9/11 9/11 9/11 don't forget 9/11 Sixty year old women with facial gel OH NO threat to civilization HELP dear God what next BOO scary foreign people Muslim Chinese and God help us FRENCH did I forget ...anthrax...investigation mysteriously stopped when it implicated [censored] BOO black people who want to vote LAMONT scary people who talk about "democracy"

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immanentize @ 228 firedoglake {I love egregious for all she does and all she thinks and all she rants}