Monday, August 14, 2006

Growing activists of the future

After typing this at firedoglake about: fight back, take action, excuse me I mean FIGHT BACK, TAKE ACTION, I thought what does that mean for me right now?

In general it means don't quit, don't cave in to depression, resist the wildness of mania. But today it meant yes you DO have to put on your walking shoes and get out there. So I did.

Forest sanity walk: time for contemplation at a deeper level. Talking with God, arguing with same, looking at how beautiful everything is, thinking about broader issues, waiting to hear what some less conscious part of my brain has to say.

The brain message today was about growing the next generation of activists. There were maybe a dozen people in my life that made the difference between mediocrity and the egregious you see out there. YOU can be one of those people in the life of someone else.

Look at people like spazeboy who doesn't realize how important he has been. It's sweet but he also needs affirmation for what he is doing. We have our very own TRex on his way to superstardom--remember us little people when you get there! Think how many fdl people have been lifted up by the kindness of John Casper--he likely kept me from leaving fdl at the beginning, when the response by some others to my newbie clumsiness was harsh.

The ministry of encouragement--everyone can do this. If you are paralyzed and homebound you can still pray for others, or send positive energy if that is your way. If you can speak, speak up to encourage people who are doing brave things. If you are strong, charge ahead and find other people who will be there when you crash [the team in your pit stop, in the great race of life].

Creating likeminded people for the future: look at your children, and/or the children around you in your neighborhood. Can you give them some help, encouragement, challenge, respite from an angry home?

Young people--can you help them see how they can use their potential, and how to understand what the **** is going on in our country?

Us midlife folks, need to band together as brothers/sisters to have the strength to carry on. We will have the wounded among us, including psychic wounds. Need to find a way to match up people with needs and the healers.

Older people--an opportunity to hear their accumulated wisdom, experience, encouragement, and love. I love working in nursing homes, it makes me feel about 16. All of us have a part in making the world better. Keep up the good work.

And for those of you on the egregious team, I need you and I thank you.

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