Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What firedoglake can do

Have been reading Froomkin. Our value, as recorded by history, might well be in amplifying tentative views until they become mainstream.

One of our finest moments, I am persuaded in retrospect, is our blogswarm in support of Froomkin. He is OUT there in the corporate media.

We took on the orphan Plame case and breathed enough air unto it that it stayed alive; then our hosts found a tiny clean spot on the wall called Lamont and called the world's attention to him.

Along the way we have slain dragons large and small. I quiver to write this because I have the intuition--same that has landed me multiple zero comments--that fdl has very significant victories in the future.

For those of us who evaluate things spiritually, it is an exciting place to be. We are amidst something very important. Hang on for the wild ride.

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