Tuesday, August 29, 2006

OOH SHINY. Ignore reality.

dab from CT at firedoglake:

"BushCo will do whatever it takes to keep it's favorite "Dem" in office - terror alerts, swiftboating, campaign specialists, Rep funding, more 1984 word twisting."

Ya that's what kinda bothers me. If there aren't enough real threats, or easily Faux propagandized pedophile "communist" "terrorist" gay stemcell scary brown people shoebomber snakes WOMEN WITH MASCARA ON PLANES immigrant threats, they might decide to do it for real.

Watch for the late October "OOH SHINY" terrorist attack.

Distract distract distract attack attack attack

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egregious said...

Looking back from February 2007, I think they thot the North Korea alleged nuclear explosion was going to be big news. It fizzled in all respects.

Also Rove kept talking about "the math" i.e., they had the crooked voting arranged in advance. Guess the voters surprised them, especially here in Virginia. The recount couldn't be done [manipulated] by hand, only machine, by law. Hahahaha! Talk about yr karma feedback.