Friday, September 01, 2006

Shooting at my brother, my cousin

Speaking of the "enemy"-----
An activist on the right has a stroke.

Surely we can feel sympathy for him and his family even tho we find ourselves on the other side of the table, yes?

[commenter] "He'll have to wait in line behind ~ 20K U.S. casualties and God-only-knows how many Iraqi noncombatants before I can muster up anything like sympathy for that snide son of a babs."

No one in pain waits in line in my book. This is exactly how people dehumanize each other, as if a wounded Lebanese in pain means less than a wounded Israeli in pain...why. Or an American with his legs blown off versus an Iraqi with his legs blown off. War is bad for the soul, it creates hate.

Do we truly feel nothing for those on the other side of the line? I am reminded of Germans and Americans both singing Silent Night/Stille Nacht across the line in both WWI and WWII. In my own family we had first cousin against first cousin in the Civil War. Bad enough to shoot at each other, must we hate fellow humans?

We are obliged to choose the right way and set a good example even if our opponents do not. A fellow politically-engaged person with a stroke, no matter how far apart we are, deserves respect and sympathy if he has a stroke. There but for the grace of God....

--------egr, Quaker and Scottish Highlander

Peace or battle, depends on my mood. Nothing in between, yay bipolar.

Mothers of the world, unite, save our lovely sons and daughters from those who would slaughter our precious babies to make more money.


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egregious said...

Apparently this cold reference to the right-wing blogger was a literary device, saying he had a stroke over something or other.

Nevertheless I stand by my reaction to the quote included here, that says one human's life is worth less than another.

That's not what it says in the Bible I grew up with.